Sunday, May 4, 2008

March Challenge #2 (Word List)

Entries had to include all of the following either specifically or by implication - Fool, Chocolate, Nail gun, Face,Probable, Humour, Xenophobic, Charges, Soap, Ungulate.

The winner:
Home Schooled

Holding the nail gun made her feel powerful. Four charges of air later, her humor had improved. This was in contrast to the way she felt earlier; a fool for believing he could ever change. Completing her work, she showered with her favorite soap, the smell of which reminded her of strawberries and chocolate. How sweet those memories were, but tonight, she hoped to make them sweeter.

Soon, she heard Lenny returning from the garage. Like an ungulate on concrete he clod into the room and stopped when he saw her on the couch. Seeing her there, in her newly purchased negligee, he gulped, his xenophobic face betraying his feelings. It was as if he was staring at a complete stranger. This was the probable outcome she had hoped for as she knew his night out with the boys wasn’t going to happen. Not with four flat tires.

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