Monday, March 31, 2008

February Abstract Challenge

by Natella2020
Inspired by the image "Shades of Light" by Peepsmile
at Redbubble

Kicking at a mound of sand, I drearily awaited the torrents of rain that would soon flood the beach.

‘So much for inspiration,’ I thought to myself.

The menacing dark clouds masking the sun were already driving people away by the dozen. Only one plain, invisible writer remained.

‘Hmmm. I really need a metaphor for myself.’

I glimpsed a transparent, misshapen, uncolored rock on the ground, forlorn and half-buried. I picked it up, dusting the sand away.


I watched the beam from the lighthouse across the harbor circle its way to where I stood. A swatch of light brushed across my hand.

Split-second contact…..Instant rainbow.

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