Thursday, March 27, 2008

January 2008 Challenge Winner

I Can See Them Moving
by Dwireland

I can see them moving.

They may think they are hidden by the woodland but without the greenery for cover on the trees they aren’t camouflaged too well. They dart from one hiding place to another, scurrying, glancing left and then right. A sudden burst of speed and they break cover to advance another few yards.

They believe I can’t see them or perhaps that I don’t care what they are up to but I have them in my sights. I can track them as they drag their treasures and hide them at the edge of the woodland. Small little treasures but the amount of them makes up for their size. So I keep watch on them as they scuttle to and fro. Forever watching for intrusions before burying their hoard.

Busy little squirrels and their acorns.

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