Monday, March 17, 2008

November Challenge Winner

Wish you were here
by Toxteth O'Grady
Vocal chords raw from screaming, fingernails split and bloodied, finally the boy fell silent. He listened to the spade slicing into the ground above, punctuated by the soft fall of earth onto the box in which he was trapped and wondered if his father would come.
It was the final job for his father, Tom, and old Jack. “For their retirement”.
Jack had waited in the alley beside the bank for Tom to drop the safe into his ute tray. There couldn’t be any face to face meeting afterwards; Armed Robbery would be all over them.
Tom was to take half the cash and bury Jack’s share under the gum marked with a key, beneath which the boy was now ensepulchered.
“Just in case”, Jack had muttered as he dug. “Nothing personal”.
The boy listened to Jack’s footsteps crunch away on the surface and prayed that his father would keep his word.

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